Unstablized Shock

  • High pH level.

  • Up to 73% available chlorine.

  • Effective against algae.

  • Will not add CYA

  • Great for tab and liquid chlorine pools

Stabilized Shock

  • Quick dissolving.

  • Nearly-neutral pH is safe for all pools and spas.

  • Won't cloud water.

  • Has CYA 

Non-Chlorine Shock

  • Oxidizes contaminants in 15 minutes.

  • Neutral pH level.

  • Improves water clarity.

Unstablized Chlorine Shock


stablized Chlorine Shock


NON-Chlorine Shock

pool shock comparison 

Shock Type

Unstabilized Cal-hypo

Stabilized Di-Chlor

Non-Chlorine Oxidizer

Removes Organics 

*PH Neutral 

Adds to Hardness

Adds to CYA

Swim after 15 min

Bromine Compatible

Ideal Pool Type                  Usage

Tab Chlorine Pools

Salt and Liquid Chlorine Pools

All Pool Types

Always Follow Package Directions


Don't forget phosphate remover